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A Few of Our Favorite Book Resources

book cover Hip, Hip, Hooray for Annie McRae! written by Brad Wilcox
Optimistic, Independent

Annie McRae finds that she does not need to depend on other people to make her day a happy one.

book cover Norman, The Slug with the Silly Shell written by Sue Hendra
Connected, Courious

When Norman wants to do something he figures out a way to do it. He is a curious slug.

book cover The Monster Who Lost His Mean written by Tiffany Strelitz Haber
Authentic, Kind

The monster loses his mean and starts doing nice things and playing with kids. He is made fun of by the other monsters but he comes to realize that he is not a monster but an Onster and he embraces that.

book cover The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade written by Justin Roberts
Ability, Evaluation

Hardly anyone noticed young Sally McCabe. She was the smallest girl in the smallest grade.

book cover The Wanderer written by Sharon Creech
Adaptable, Confident

Follow Sophie across the sea as she faces her fears in an attempt to discover who she is.

book cover What Do You Do With An Idea? written by Kobi Yamata
Creative, Persistent

A boy comes up with an idea and he is not sure what to do with it. It follows him around until it gets bigger and becomes a part of him.