The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade

Picture Book Written by Justin Roberts and Illustrated by Christian Robinson

About --Ability, Evaluation, Strength

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Hardly anyone noticed young Sally McCabe. She was the smallest girl in the smallest grade.

Possible Lessons / Morals to the Story

  • You can make a difference no matter your size
  • Standing up for good helps others
  • When we are kind to one another we are all happier
  • You can make a difference no matter your size

Discussion Questions

  • What did Sally McCabe do all day?
  • How were the kids treating each other?
  • What did Sally notice?
  • How did Sally make a change?
  • What did Sally's declaration do for the kids in school?
  • What/who can you stand up for in your life?
  • What can you do to make others happy?
  • How did Sally evaluate what was going on around her?
  • What does it mean to evaluate?
  • What do you think the other children could have done better?
  • How might your life be if you evaluated it?

How You Could Use this Resource

  • To teach evaluation
  • To teach that you can stand up for yourself and others
  • To illustrate that you can make a difference no matter your size

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